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Pevonia Wellness To-Do #6 – Workout at Home

Pevonia Wellness To-Do #6 – Workout at Home

Pevonia Wellness To-Do #6 – Workout at Home

It’s day… okay, we don’t even know what day it is anymore! Has anyone else realized that they are getting A LOT less steps in, and not moving around as much? The waist band of your yoga pants may be much more forgiving than the suit pants that you are accustomed to wearing – but don’t let them fool you – it is important to move!

We all know that exercise has important physical, mental, and emotional benefits, so today is the day to get up and get to it!

Yoga, Cardio, Strength Training, even Pilates — there is a YouTube video for that. So, grab your cell, computer, tablet, or turn on your TV and find the workout of your choice, get dressed, and let’s go!

Remember to wash your face before and after every workout; we don’t want breakouts and clogged pores!

Just like fitness is not a one size fits all, Pevonia understands that skincare is not a one product fits all either. People have different skin types, as well as different concerns. This philosophy translates to our cleansers – so click the link below to find the cleanser that is a perfect match for your unique skin!

Sore muscles from your work out? We have two clinically tested products that are fantastic at alleviating tension and muscular fatigue and stimulating circulation! Get the instant relief needed to keep you moving with our amazing Marine Magnesium and Tension Relief Gel!

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We will see you next week for more Wellness To-Do’s!