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Dr. Christian Jurist MD, AMS, FS

Dr. Christian Jurist <br />MD, AMS, FS

Dr. Christian Jurist

Pevonia Medical Director of Global Education

Pevonia Medical Director of Global Education

I am a Medical Doctor whose passion for Aesthetic Medicine led me to focus on the growing esthetic and medical esthetics industries. As a published author in many of the industry’s most recognized publications, I deliver clinical level expertise specifically tailored to each audience for optimum comprehension and implementation. My training programs offer an enhanced level of education by uniquely combining years of teaching experience, educational seminar circuits, CEU and master classes at trade shows/forums, as well as advanced curriculums at topnotch esthetic facilities worldwide to deliver an unparalleled learning experience.

After leading a comprehensive 14-month medical esthetics curriculum at Florida College of Natural Health (Altamonte Springs, FL) as a faculty member, I joined Pevonia International LLC as Medical Director of Global Education. As part of the company’s leadership team, I collaborate with Pevonia’s Owners/Co-Founders Philippe and Sylvie Hennessy in the research and development process as well as the development of superior global educational programs to empower professionals worldwide with an easy-yet-scientific approach to the esthetic and medical-esthetics practices.

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