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The Pevonia Wellness To-Do List

The Pevonia Wellness To-Do List

Introducing the Pevonia Wellness To-Do List – Part One

Whether you are able to do your job remotely, hanging on to your sanity by a thread while helping your kids with eLearning or are one of the many highly appreciated essential workers; there is one thing that we all have in common…we are all going through these challenging and unprecedented times together.

It is difficult to know exactly how others are feeling because we each have our own unique set of obstacles to overcome, and our own “new normal” to find. We all have different ways of adjusting to, and coping with, change.

We were thinking through this and we wanted to take a minute to ask, “As we are all living in our socially distanced silos, how can we use this time to work on ourselves? Is it possible to emerge from this time stronger than we were before?”

It was after asking ourselves that question, and thinking about the answer, that we decided to compose the “Pevonia Wellness To-Do List.” A list of items that we could do to make us feel physically and mentally stronger.

Wellness is now more important than ever. From physical Wellness to mental Wellness, we believe (in addition to following the CDC’s guidelines) that staying positive is a key factor in coming out of this pandemic happy, healthy, and well. Follow us through a Wellness To-Do-List and let’s come out of this stronger together!

For the next few weeks we are going to post “Wellness To-Do’s” that will help organize your thoughts, emotions, and even your homes. Meanwhile…don’t miss out on great deals on our skincare wellness products: Click Here!

Pevonia Wellness To-Do #1 – Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Most of us are extremely guilty of this. Okay… you don’t have to admit it, but… it’s time to get better! Experts say that we should be cleaning our makeup brushes AT-LEAST once a week! Why is this important? Our brushes touch our face every single day, collecting and building up dirt and oil, which we then are putting back into our products and layering onto our skin. By washing your brushes at least once a week you remove bacteria and oil, not only prolonging the life of your brushes, but increasing the health of your skin!

Pro-Tip: The family-favorite Phyto-Gel Cleanser is not only used to deeply cleanse and remove makeup, impurities, and oil from your skin, it also works on your makeup brushes! Pump a small amount of this foaming cleanser into a wet palm. Foam it by moving two fingers from your opposite hand against your palm in a circular motion. Cleanse your brushes as normal! Note: If you are using a makeup brush cleaning mat, the product can be applied directly to the mat.